He was not born from a family of artists, but he has art in his blood, and talent in his hands. “Suker” was born on 5 November 1983, he was very passionate with art and paintings, so he decided to continue with a special lecture on the art, and he completed his study at Indonesian Arts Institute in 2006. His Abstract, Traditional Balinese and Impressionist paintings have been already exhibited in various prestigious painting exhibitions such as: Painting Exhibition on Museum Puri Ubud with the theme "Three Image" on 2000 which was followed by painters from Indonesia, Australia and Japan. Exhibition "Masari"in Gianyar with the theme "Lawar Arts" in 2005. Exhibition "Fingerprints" in Denpasar in 2006. Exhibition "Pangkas" Ubud with the theme "Mini Arts" in 2007.

He idolizes also a Balinese Maestro named I Gusti Nyoman Lempat from Ubud. He gets inspiration from nature and every phenomenon, person or object he sees in his daily life and which is directly expressed with scratches by a pallet and spatula technique. He decided to join The Gallery because he knows where he's getting comfortable and appropriate place to express any ideas and thoughts. While painting, he knows he will get inner satisfaction and also hopes to be remembered by his own people and also others for a long time...


Pande” was born in November 1986 in Tampaksiring-Gianyar, Bali. He just finished his study at Indonesian Arts Institute in 2009. He got his artistic gift from his father who was a Balinese Traditional Dancer. He is the eldest of two brothers and he really enjoy painting since he was 12 years old and started to display his work from a very young age: Bali Art Center 2006 (Water Color), ISI Building Exhibition 2008 (Tahu Isi) and joined in 2010 Jakarta and Bali Arts Exhibition.

He grew up with a strong taste for Expressionist Painters from who he got his inspiration. He is particularly impressed and influenced by a famous Indonesian Artist named “Affandi” and also from the famous “Van Gogh”. His creations also come from the traditional Balinese culture. He is very proud of his village where the people still keep their culture alive and fascinating. Especially for his “Gold Collection”, He would like to show everybody that they can find the real Bali in his canvas. His signature is based on a special technique he uses without too many colors to keep a natural and simple style which combines modern and minimalist lines with traditional motives and characters. Long time ago, he realized that “Art is My Life” because with Arts, as he explains, he found a better way to express himself and to find the meaning of his own life...


Erwin was born on February 9, 1982 in Tabanan. His father is a wood carver and gave his son his taste for artistic creation. He loves using soft texture and shiny raw colors to express his vision of life and art through his beautiful abstract and expressionist paintings. He greatly admires Antonio Blanco and Gunarsa as who are already very popular in Bali and around the world. The wonderful charm of nature is a source of inspiration for his paintings. "We come from Mother Nature and will be back to Mother Nature” Erwin says. He loves nature that surrounds him and wants to share his passion with other people and express the respect that we should all show to Mother Nature.

He joined The Gallery because he wanted to introduce all his creativity for all art lovers around the world. In The Gallery he can express his thoughts in a nice and comfortable place, sharing with many artists with different sensibilities and can increase the power of his imagination by sharing with other young seeds or confirmed artists. He wants to dedicate his life to art and always seeks for inspiration and creativity to continue to express himself through his colorful art works.


"Natural Traditional Balinese" is the how he describes his work himself. This young man who was born in Surabaya on October 23rd 1976 has a real talent to use color monochrome in a really amazing way, until the characters of his paintings will look alive to you. After moving to Jakarta to make a better experience and to learn from various famous artists, he decided to come back to Bali to get back to his roots and explore the artistic talent inherited from his parents who are traditional wood carvers from generation to generation. After finishing his study in Arts High School of Yogyakarta, one of the best in Indonesia, he felt that art was his world and he started to show his works and his talent by following some well known exhibitions. He attended the exhibition Stand Customs in Surabaya, "Lintang Blmabangan " in Banyuwangi,East of Java. He also recently participated and exhibited some of his art work in the famous Bali Art Exhibition earlier this year.

He joined The Gallery in order to try to realize his biggest dream: to be a great artist who is not only known in Bali and Indonesia but also recognized as a respectable artists outside Indonesia’s borders especially in Western countries. The art world is the aim of his life. He would like to make people understand that he puts his soul on each painting that he does and that is where his special talent comes from…